ICT in HIV and health education

UNESCO supports development of interactive ICT-based resources to improve competences of educators, service providers and parents in adolescent health and development and HIV prevention and health education.

UNESCO supports use of Internet and social media for non-formal education and awareness raising among adolescents and young people.

An interactive course "Building knowledge about HIV and AIDS" for teachers, trainee teachers and trainers who facilitate sessions on HIV, sexual and reproductive health issues for students.
In Russian and Kazakh In Russian, adapted for Kyrgyzstan
A website for experts in prevention education. Provides access to multiple technical guides, lesson plans, teaching resources, video- and audio materials, curricula, articles and publications.
In Russian and Ukrainian
A website on adolescent health and development for service providers, counselors, workers of youth-friendly services, school health workers, educators, trainers and social workers.
In Russian
A website for adolescents and young people about interpersonal relationships, communication, health, love and many other issues. Helps to locate youth-friendly services at an interactive map and has a section with visitors questions and experts answers.
In three languages: Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian
A guide for adolescents parents
A booklet for parents (Ukraine)
A booklet for parents (Belarus)
A booklet for parents (Russia)

Advice and information for parents about developing trust and understanding in relationships with their growing children, talking to adolescents about relationships, love, and sexuality, helping them make informed choices to avoid violence, STI, HIV and stay healthy.

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