Multimedia in Education

'Multimedia in Education' Curriculum

This is a new edition of the book prepared by the international experts – Mr Bent B. Andresen (Danish University of Education, Denmark) and Ms Katja van den Brink (University of Landau, Germany) – that was initially issued in 2001 by U...
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Multimedia in Education. Programme of specialized training course (in Russian)

Moscow, 2006, 16 p.

Мультимедиа в образовании: Программа специализированного учебного курса / Г.М. Троян – М.: Изд. Дом «Обучение-Сервис», 2006. 16 с. Программа специализированного учебного курса «Мультимедиа в образовании» создана в...
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Multimedia in Education. Specialized Trainig Course. Russian Version.

Бент Б. Андресен, Катя ван ден Бринк Мультимедиа в образовании. Специализированный учебный курс. /Авторизованный перевод с англ. – М.: «Обучение-сервис», 2005. С 216. Ил. 3. Библиогр. 146. ISBN 5-902116-13-9 В настоящем у...
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Multimedia Encyclopedia Russia - USA: 20th Century. Feasibility study

The objective of the project is to create Multimedia Encyclopedia Russia - USA: 20th Century - a multimedia history teaching course based oncomparative analysis of the histories of Russia and the USA in the 20th century and illustrated with movie ...
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Multimedia in Education. Specialized Trainig Course elaborated by the international working group headed by Prof. Andresen (Denmark) within the framework of the IITE Training Programme.

According to the classification of IITE UNESCO Educational Programme the target audience includes: heads of pre- and in-service teacher training and vocational development institutions; trainers of trainers for ICTs in education; ...
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