IITE Publications

To promote and disseminate new achievements, teaching methodologies and concepts, IITE’s research results in  ICT usage in education  are published. These are analytical surveys, training, methodological and information materials: Policy Briefs, Analytical Surveys, Best Practices, Theoretical Aspects, ICTs in TVET, ICTs in Special Needs Education, ICTs in Distance Education, Internet in Education, Multimedia in Education, ICTs in Secondary Education, Digital Libraries in Education, Indicators of ICT usage in Education, ICTs in Primary Education, ICTs in Subjects Teaching and Learning, Information Society, ICTs in HE, Teacher ICT Competency and Professional Development. More than one hundred titles were published by Institute during the 22 years of its existence. Most of IITE books were published in English, some of them were translated into Russian and French.

IITE publications are circulated among educational authorities responsible for the application of ICTs in education and higher educational establishments. At present IITE sends its publications to the National Commissions for UNESCO, national focal points for cooperation with IITE, IGOs and NGOs, institutes and professional communities all over the world. The books are also distributed among the participants of International forums and Exhibitions.

Some IITE publications are available in electronic form and some of the Institutes publications can be found in the UNESDOC collection. 

Last Publications

German OER Practices and Policy – from Bottom-up to Top-down Initiatives

UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (UNESCO IITE) published the book on Open Educational Resources in Germany within its project on Open Educational Resources (OER) in non-English-speaking countries. The authors of the repor...
Full-text version [eng]

Future for Higher Education and ICT: Changes Due to the Use of Open Content

The publication summarizes the results of the project “Access, Equity and Quality: Envisioning the Future of Higher Education in a Digital Age” implemented by the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education in 2014-2016....
Full-text version [eng]

Сurrent state of advancement of OER in Kenya

The new publication released within the UNESCO IITE project on OER in non-English-speaking countries was intended to shed light on the current state of advancement of OER in Kenya. It provides a brief outline of Kenya’s national policies and...
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