UNESCO IITE and Mamma Mia! educational project invite adolescents’ parents to join its live broadcast

This week features a new episode of Mamma Mia! educational project targeted at parents of adolescents. During the last three weeks, the project has been offering live broadcast discussions about parent and child relationships, challenges of adolescence and issues that jeopardize communication between family members.

On 13 December at 19:00 (GMT +3), Rebenok.by community will live broadcast «Higher, better, stronger: how to motivate an adolescent» discussion with expert psychologists and celebrity parents. Hosted by Svetlana Borovskaya and Sergey Kruchinin, it will focus on:

  • the springs of motivation for adolescents and their parents in choosing future profession and/or hobby;
  • punishment and motivation and the right balance between them;
  • over expecting parents and how to identify children’s real dreams and aspirations;
  • how to support a child in acquiring independency, perseverance and ability to hear own inner voice.   

These and many other questions will be discussed by a family psychologist Julia Kostyk, singer Iskui Abalyan and TV presenter Yury Tsarev together with Rebenok.BY head Alesya Shinkevich.   

Yulia Plakhutina, UNESCO IITE Projects Coordinator: «The issue of motivation is rightfully a focus in our series about adolescents due to the importance of making right choices for life at this age. This is extremely important for parents not to overprotect their children but support them in making their dreams come true. This is why we will talk about personal growth and self-esteem, stress resistance and independence as well as about forming a healthy motivation for success”.

You are welcome to join the discussion on 13 December at 19:00 (GMT +3) at Rebenok.by community in Odnoklassniki social network (the broadcast is in Russian language). Post your questions and share comments!

Next week, another Mamma Mia! live broadcast on 22 December will address so-called Generation NET issues and provide safety tips for adolescents using the Internet and social networks.  

All previous episodes of Mamma Mia! educational series are available at Rebenok.by community in Odnoklassniki as well is in Mamma Mia! section at Rebenok.by portal.

Mamma Mia! educational project is initiated and run by the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (IITE) together with Rebenok.BY portal with the support from Odnoklassniki social network.

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