New episode of Mamma Mia! Educational Series for adolescents’ parents

Mama Mia!project initiated by UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (IITE) together with on-line resource for parents with support from social network Odnoklassniki continues with another life broadcast with professional psychologists and celebrity parents. They will talk about tensions and problems in parents’ relationships with their growing children.

On December 6th at 19:00 (GMT +3)  ( community at will host a life broadcast named “The Age of  Searches and Experiments: why adolescents are experimenting” to discuss challenges and risks young people are facing.

Yulia Plakhutina, UNESCO IITE Projects Coordinator: «Parents can only hope that their children will never encounter situations posing risks to their health and life, but if they do, will make the right decisions. Can parents really help their children to decide what is “right” and what is “wrong” and understand what causes adolescents to take risks and behave so boldly?

These and other issues will be discussed by the experts and star guests of Mamma Mia! Episode 2. We will talk about situations that are potentially harmful for the health and well-being of children and more importantly, how parents can positively influence them in such cases”.

On December 6th, Mamma Mia! will invite psychologists Alla Kovalevskaya and Vitaly Nokonovich to discuss:

  • Why adolescents sometimes don’t see real risks and make wrong choices?
  • How to teach children to stay away from following the crowd and trust their own judgements instead?
  • Why do adolescents have suicidal thoughts?

Star guest of the night is Sasha Nemo, a famous singer and happy father of two daughters.

You are welcome to join the discussion (in Russian language) on Dec.6th at 19:00 at ( by watching and posting questions and comments.

Mamma Mia! coming episodes:

December, 13th  We will talk about motivation, personal development, autonomy and independence

December, 22nd  Generation.NO  We will touch upon safety for adolescents in the internet and social networks.

All life broadcasts start at 19.00 (GMT +3). You can also find all Episodes of Mamma Mia! recorded at (available in Russian language).

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