Live talks with UNESCO IITE on challenges of adolescence and HIV epidemic

On the eve of the World AIDS Day, IITE UNESCO together with the web portal Rebenok.BY and Odnoklassniki social network have launched an educational project for parents and teachers "Mama Mia! To be a parent of an adolescent! ". Every week starting on November 29 and through December 22, leading psychologists, experts in adolescent development and celebrity parents will discuss online issues related to challenges of adolescence, parent-child relationships, risky behavior and HIV prevention. The discussions will be lifestreamed at

Yulia Plakhutina, UNESCO IITE project coordinator says: "It is not by chance that our project starts just a few days before the World AIDS Day. In our discussions with experts we will talk about transition from childhood to adulthood, sexual relationships, low awareness about health risks and threats among adolescents, including HIV."

Lifestreames will feature:

November 29, Wednesday19:00-20:30 (Minsk and Moscow time)

No more a child, not yet an adult

  • «Body drama» How body and mind change and how to cope with it
  • How to talk to adolescents about sexuality, sexual relationships and HIV

December 6, Wednesday 19:00–20:30

Age of queriesand experiments

  • Smoking, drug and alcohol use, suicide  - the most common threats for health and well-being
  • Why adolescents are taking risks and how to mitigate them
  • How to prevent and respond to school-related violence
  • How to develop stress management and communication skills

December 13,Wednesday 19:00–20:30

Motivation, personal development and autonomy

  • How to motivate for learning 
  • How to develop self-esteem
  • High achievements and success. Self-motivation or expectations of parents

December 22, Friday  19:00–20:30


  • Adolescents' online life
  • Social networks and parental control
  • How the Internet shapes adolescents' perception of relationships

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