UNESCO International Literacy Prizes 2017 open for applications and nominations

UNESCO is now calling for applications and nominations for its two prestigious International Literacy Prizes for the 2017 edition. Through the International Literacy Prizes, UNESCO seeks to support effective literacy practices and encourages the promotion of dynamic literate societies.  Over 475 projects and programmes undertaken by governments, non-governmental organizations and individuals around the world have been recognized for excellence and innovation in the field of literacy.

Currently there are two UNESCO International Literacy Prizes. UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize gives special consideration to the development and use of mother-tongue literacy education and training. It is supported by the Government of the Republic of Korea and is given to two laureates every year. The UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacygives special consideration to literacy amongst adults in rural areas and out-of-school youth, particularly girls and women. It is supported by the Government of the People’s Republic of China and is also awarded annually, to three laureates. Each of the five prizewinners receives a medal, a diploma, and US$20.000 for their project or programme.

This year’s theme is “Literacy in a Digital World”, which will also set the focus for International Literacy Day, celebrated on 8 September at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. This year Prizes will recognize the non-relenting efforts of individuals, governments, and non-governmental organizations contributing to the promotion of literacy by the means of digital technologies.

The 2017 application process consists of two stages, an application and a nomination. First, candidates are invited to submit applications to the Director-General of UNESCO through appropriate governments of Member States and non-governmental organizations in official partnership with UNESCO. The deadline for applications is 31 May 2017.

In the second stage, each government or non-governmental organization nominate up to three applications for the UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy, and up to two applications for the UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize. The deadline for nominations is 14 June 2017.

Find the full application and nomination guidelines and other relevant information on the UNESCO International Literacy Prizes web page.

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